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Eventbrite - Is The Union Lurking Outside Your Door:  Understanding Unions and Union Avoidance

Union Avoidance Is Not A By-Chance Outcome

Traditionally manufacturing, the trades, government and primary resources have been unionized, or have been hugely vulnerable to unionization. With the Great Recession of 2008-09 these sectors shrunk, forcing unions to target non-traditional industry sectors. The fact is that unions are for-profit organizations and with jeopardy to their traditional markets they are forced to seek out […]

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Small Business Issues Series 6 of 6: Outsourcing

Our final topic of this series that we perceive as a top pain point for small businesses; Outsourcing. Many of the Human Resources issues discussed in our earlier Small Business Issues postings can be avoided by careful planning and most importantly, seeking help for your Human Resources needs through subject matter experts. Many small businesses […]

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Small Business Issues Series 4 of 6: Safety and Protection

Our fourth item on the list of pain points for small businesses is Safety and Protection: Occupational Health and Safety. Although many would not classify occupational health and safety as an Human Resources component, implementing safe workplace policies and procedures is an Human Resources function. Small businesses may not spend as much time developing and […]

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