How can I reduce my WCB rates?

There are multiple factors that attribute to WCB rates such as your history of workplace accidents, the industry sector you are assigned to by WCB, the safety history of that sector as well as your safety history compared to others in your industry sector.  Minimally once a year employers should trend their WCB results and assess the need for work-safe improvement.  Employers can positively impact their WCB rates by proactively addressing the hazards in their workplace through safety programming and training.  If you currently have WCB claims, ensure that the proper paper work is being filed and that the WCB claims are being handled in the proper manner to get employees back onto the job site as soon as possible.   In the instance of current WCB claims, understanding the process, your obligations, and your rights under the WCB Act can significantly lower the cost of WCB claims and, hence, your WCB rates.

The 2012 Employer Rates for Nova Scotia can be found on the WCB website.

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