Successful companies have long recognized the value and contribution of a diverse workforce. They have moved beyond employment equity, quotes, or affirmative action plans to embrace diversity.  As the population of Canada continues to change and be come more diverse, those companies that have diversity management as a cornerstone of their Human Resources management will thrive.

HR pros offers customized training and keynote talks on the timely topic of Managing Diversity: A Competitive Advantage. Hosted by our Vice President of Consulting Services, Tanya Sieliakus is a Certified Diversity Trainer and has trained and spoken to audiences across North America as well as internationally.

What would participants learn or why would they attend a session on Diversity Management?

  • Learn why diversity makes good business sense
  • Learn some of the tools required for achieving greater effectiveness across differences

Interested in hearing a bit more about the customized options HR pros has on this topic? Drop Sylvain an email at sylvain@hr-pros.ca!