Why do we need employee policies?

All companies,  small to large in size, should have employee policies.  Employee Policies are the rules of the company.  It is our opinion that it is inherently unfair for an employer to have rules and not share those rules.  To have rules and not share these same rules with employees creates unnecessary internal irritants.  Well-developed employee policies ensure consistent decision making among supervisors.  Further, if you are ever challenged legally by an employee or a former employee (by way of a complaint to the Department of Labour or the Human Rights Commission, for example) the first thing the government agency or your lawyer, will ask is to see the employee policy.  Not having employee policies makes it nearly impossible to defend yourself!   In our experience, to settle a labour or human rights complaint can cost an employer up to $20,000 and $35,000, respectively!

Read an article from the Chronicle-Herald.  The situation and the negative publicity could probably have been avoided with proper employee policies.

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