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Wednesday Webinar – Employee Recognition Programs

Employee recognition programs can be an amazing way to motivate and reward behaviours you want to encourage in your employees, and help drive your organization towards its goals! On the other hand, if not designed and implemented properly, you can suffer a double set back, in that the program actually demotivates positive behaviour or drives […]

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Small Business Issues Series 6 of 6: Outsourcing

Our final topic of this series that we perceive as a top pain point for small businesses; Outsourcing. Many of the Human Resources issues discussed in our earlier Small Business Issues postings can be avoided by careful planning and most importantly, seeking help for your Human Resources needs through subject matter experts. Many small businesses […]

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HR Quick Tip – Fire Safety

The annual cost of fire (not including forest fires) in Canada is approximately $6 billion or 1.25% of the GDP;  of which $2.5 billion is fire losses and $3.5 billion is the cost of fire protection.  15% of all property fires occur in the workplace.  Approximately 600 persons die in fires every year, with many […]

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