Human Resources Management

HR pros offers its client a full range of HR services either directly or with strategic partners. The following is a list of services offered by HR pros:

Human Resources Management Systems Audit

A complete review and evaluation of the existing HR and OH&S policies and programs.

Employee Relations and Policy Development

Develop policy to meet legislated requirements, organizational values and growth targets; for example: Attendance, Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying, Progressive Discipline and Coaching, Computer Usage, etc.

Labour Relations, Negotiations and Union Communications

Assist employers to create union avoidance strategy and communications. As required, assist employers with the certification process, both provincial and federal.

Legislative Compliance

Interpretation of employment, OH&S and Human Rights legislation and advise on policy and practices to bridge gaps between current status and legislated requirements. Assist and help resolve Human Rights, Department of Labour and OH&S complaints.

Job Analysis including Job Descriptions

Develop Job Descriptions and Performance Standards. Assign comparative organizational values to all jobs within the organization thereby creating a hierarchy of comparative job values and a hierarchy of wages. Assist with organizational design, recommend required positions and identify redundancies thereby maximizing the workforce and staffing dollars.

Compensation Planning

Salary benchmarking and advisement. Short and long term compensation planning. Advise on benefits plans and potential benefits providers. Prepare RFP for benefit plans and negotiate with service providers.

Performance Management

Develop performance management tools and process including Annual Performance Appraisals.

Employee Satisfaction

Develop and facilitate employee satisfaction surveys, analyze survey results and develop recommendations to bridge gaps. Develop strategies to improve employee relations. Conduct exit interviews.

Employee Retention

Trend attrition and retention. Advise on industry retention best practices and implement. Develop new strategies to increase employee retention and advise on existing strategies. Develop Exit Interview program and develop strategies for organizational improvement.

Succession Planning

Develop succession plans to meet next generation staffing needs.

Training and Organizational Development

Conduct individual and organizational needs assessments. Develop customized training to meet individual and organizational needs.

Diversity and Employee Equity Programming

Assist organization with diversity programming thereby increasing employee job satisfaction as well as employee retention. Deliver Diversity training. For organizations doing federal government business, assist with Employment Equity reporting.

Orientation Programming

Develop orientation program for new and recalled employees ensuring the required transfer of knowledge.

Recruitment and Selection

Advise on policies and best practices surrounding recruitment and selection. Advise clients on headhunting organizations most appropriate for their recruitment needs.

Outplacement Services

Assist leaving employees with job searches, resume and cover letter writing, networking, etc.