Small Business Issues Series 4 of 6: Safety and Protection

Our fourth item on the list of pain points for small businesses is Safety and Protection: Occupational Health and Safety.

Although many would not classify occupational health and safety as an Human Resources component, implementing safe workplace policies and procedures is an Human Resources function. Small businesses may not spend as much time developing and reviewing safety procedures, unintentionally leaving their company vulnerable to out of date andID-100188477 possibly untrained policy which will ultimately lead to a higher rate of accidents and liabilities such as fines under the Administrative Penalties Act, or through WCB. Lately more concentration has been on workplace emotional safety through policies on workplace violence, abuse and harassment; as mental health is becoming widely accepted and the unfortunate but needed deliberations of the Rehtaeh Parsons case.  Lack of policies or oversight on these issues can lead to poisonous and abusive workplace environment.

Stay tuned for our fifth posting within this series on Company Culture.

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