How can I reduce employee turnover?

One strongly suggested step would be to assess the workplace by surveying employees on their needs and wants: an Employee Satisfaction Survey.  Employers should also look at employees versus their job descriptions, is there a fit or is there a disconnect between employees’ skillsets and the job requirements?  Are you recruiting the right people for the job?  Considering many employees leave during or shortly after their probationary period, is there a means to assist new employees learn the job and be comfortable in the workplace?  Is there a means for assisting existing employees to meet job requirements and/or reach their career aspirations?  Employers do not have to be pay leaders but pay must be in the ballpark.  Are you paying fair and competitive wages?  Considering that most employees quit their supervisor, and not the company, are your supervisors well developed?  Internal irritants, left unaddressed, are a significant factor in turnover.  Do your employees know the rules (policies and expectations) of the workplace, are the rules fair and are the rules being consistently applied?  Employee retention can sometimes be an elusive goal so we sometimes recommend a full HR audit of your HR policies and practices as the right place to start addressing turnover.