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When do I need formal Human Resources Management policies?
We hear this question all the time!  The fact is that as soon as (cont’d)

When do I need Safety Programming?
Safety is more than compliance…safety is about people (cont’d)

Do I need a Safety Rep or a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee?
When an employer has five or more  (cont’d)

We are a small company where everybody has to know everything, why do I need job descriptions? 
Job descriptions are a pillar to (cont’d)

Employee policies? We don’t want to be constrained by policies, we need the flexibility to manage, why do we need them?
All companies,  small to large in size (cont’d)

What are the factors that increase my WCB rate? What can I do to reduce my WCB rate?
There are multiple factors that attribute to WCB rates (cont’d)

When do I have to pay for Holiday pay?
Based on the Nova Scotia Labour Standards employers are required (cont’d)

I want to be an “employer of choice”.  How do I achieve this?
Being an employer of choice is no accident.  Real (cont’d)

I seem to have a high employee turnover, what can I do to reduce that?
One strongly suggested step would be to (cont’d)

One of my employees is not performing well.  Can I fire the employee? How do I go about it?
Finding talented and dedicated employees in (cont’d)

What is a succession plan?
A formal succession plan is (cont’d)

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