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Small Business Issues Series 4 of 6: Safety and Protection

Our fourth item on the list of pain points for small businesses is Safety and Protection: Occupational Health and Safety. Although many would not classify occupational health and safety as an Human Resources component, implementing safe workplace policies and procedures is an Human Resources function. Small businesses may not spend as much time developing and […]

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Small Business Issues Series: In House VS Contracting Human Resources/Safety Services

This is the second item in our Small Business Issues Series which looks at potential pain points for small businesses.   Today’s topic is in-house vs contracting for services.  As consultants, we constantly see small businesses struggle with the thought of completing activities in-house vs contracting for those services to outside experts. Whether it is […]

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HR Quick Tip – Fire Safety

The annual cost of fire (not including forest fires) in Canada is approximately $6 billion or 1.25% of the GDP;  of which $2.5 billion is fire losses and $3.5 billion is the cost of fire protection.  15% of all property fires occur in the workplace.  Approximately 600 persons die in fires every year, with many […]

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