HR Quick Tip – Fire Safety

The annual cost of fire (not including forest fires) in Canada is approximately $6 billion or 1.25% of the GDP;  of which $2.5 billion is fire losses and $3.5 billion is the cost of fire protection.  15% of all property fires occur in the workplace.  Approximately 600 persons die in fires every year, with many times that number of serious injuries.  Hence, all employers must by law have a fire evacuation program and all employees are to be trained on the program at least semi-annually.  Further, employers are to ensure that at least one time per year a fire drill is conducted and employees are trained on safe evacuation.  Finally, it is always a solid idea to ensure that there is fire suppression training; whether because it is legislated or because it is important to protect your employees.  The fact is that all buildings are required to have fire extinguishers but using a fire extinguisher is not a matter of common sense.  There is  a correct way to use a fire extinguisher and less effective ways to use a fire extinguisher.   Protect your employees, meet obligations under law!  To receive additional information, please complete the form below:

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