(English) 2015 WCB Report – Leading Through Change

WCB has released its 2015 Annual Report –

  • Leading Through Change
  • . 2015 at a glance:
    Slightly fewer Nova Scotians were injured at work compared to 2014. Registered claims decreased to 23,933 from 24,505.
    ◾There were eight acute workplace fatalities in 2015, compared to five in 2014, 17 in 2013, and 10 in 2012.
    ◾There were 19 chronic fatalities in 2015, due to disease and health problems, compared to 14 in 2014, 17 in 2013, and 22 in 2012.
    ◾The WCB reported a comprehensive total income of $72.6 million, moving to 80.6 per cent funded. It was 27 per cent funded in the early 1990s.
    ◾There were 6,014 time-loss claims, up from 5,953 in 2014. Time-loss injuries are still 34 per cent lower than a decade ago.
    ◾The injury rate increased slightly to 1.84 injuries per 100 covered workers, still among the lowest levels since we began tracking this measure.
    ◾Sprains and strains remain the most common type of time-loss injury at 64 per cent.
    ◾Back injuries accounted for 30 per cent of all time-loss claims.
    ◾Lifting and moving people in the healthcare industry is the single greatest source of time-loss injuries in Nova Scotia.
    ◾The injury rate in manufacturing, the third largest sector in Nova Scotia, fell notably to 1.80 per 100 covered workers from 2.05 in 2014.
    ◾Average claim duration in Nova Scotia increased to 108 days.
    ◾The fishing industry has seen a decrease in injury rate of 33 per cent since 2011.

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