Do you want to help a Francophone immigrant?

A number of programs exist to facilitate the integration of newly settled immigrants into Nova Scotia’s society.  The government has also recognised the need to support francophone immigration and is providing resources to that effect.    For the past two years it has funded a unique program which is delivered at the Halifax Campus of Université Sainte-Anne.   The program is aimed at Francophone immigrants and combines classroom instruction to upgrade language skills, computer skills, occupational health and safety training, and job hunting skills.  The program also provides for a work-term of 12 weeks in a local business, government agency, or not for profit organisation.   Depending on the job, a wage subsidy can be available.

HR pros has been working with Université Sainte-Anne and has helped a number of francophone immigrants establish themselves in the labour market over the past two years.    All can speak at least 2 languages and some are fluent in English as well.  We are currently looking for appropriate employers to provide work experience for 12 weeks for:

–          Electrical Engineer with a specialisation in automation

–          Candidate with Diploma in Clinical Pharmaceutical Research and Development and Masters in Microbiology

–          Industrial Engineer

–          Candidate with university degree and 8 years of experience in the fishing industry

–          Graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

–          Child Care provider

–          Dress maker

–          Personal Care Attendant


These candidates are eager to work and can start immediately.  If you want to take advantage of this program and contact Sylvain (902) 877-1887 for more information.


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