Small Business Issues Series 5 of 6: Culture

Continuing on from our last post, the 5th potential pain point for small businesses is culture! Small businesses have an advantage in developing a motivated culture so that the chain of command is usually less cumbersome.  The fact is most businesses do not capitalize on this, however and do not have the time to research and implement motivational methods in their workplace.  More pointedly small business have less tendency to research employees motivation through ID-100100139feedback and evaluations that include employee input for example, through employee satisfaction surveys.  Employee satisfaction surveys are a quick tool, if done correctly, that takes a snap shot of how employees really feel about the company, its culture and current processes. Therefore, survey results should provide owners with solutions, or a work plan, that will move their workplace towards being perceived as having a motivated culture.

We are not done with this series just yet.  Check back in for our last posting of the series: Outsourcing. 

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