Small Business Human Resources Issues: Communication VS Human Resources Issues

At HR pros, our Human Resources experts are privy to many companies’ issues, and across multiple industries.  Although companies vary in products or services and business strategies, there are 6 topics, covered in this six-part series, that we see time and again as potential if not major pain points for small businesses. 

Communication versus Human Resources Issues: Sometimes our clients proclaim to have “Human Resources issues” when in fact they have communication issues.  The client will isolate the problem, explain in detail what happened right down to body language and ask us how they should ‘handle’ the employee.  As a consultant this appears to look like the client is looking for a 7K0A0947solution to impose on their employee.  Instead we recommend having a two-way conversation, hence taking an active management stance.  Our suggestions to our clients are to actively manage employees and entertain non-confrontational two way conversations.  These upfront discussions typically expose the root cause to the problem or justifiably explain an employee’s negative or unwelcome behavior.  Whatever the reason for the issue, solving it requires an employee’s buy-in hence imposing a solution rarely works.  Having said this, established company policy should guide the discussion and the resolution.

What do you think are some of the other HR issues facing small businesses?

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Stay tuned for the remaining Small Business Human Resources issues.

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    Human resources management is the management process of an organization workforce or human resources. In this blog given all information is very informative and useful. Thank you or sharing such valuable information.

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