Human Resources Management and Safety Support Program for Startups


Let HR pros help you with your Startup!

In 2014, HR pros launched a program aimed at providing tangible support to entrepreneurs and their start-up ventures. HR pros offers the successful applicants world-class human resources management and safety counsel that is meaningful, practical and not outside of the entrepreneur’s ability to manage. We are doing this because HR pros wants to be engaged and contribute to the growth of entrepreneurship in Nova Scotia.

The Program:

Recognising the challenges of start ups, HR pros will provide free human resources management and or safety counsel to successful applicants for a period of 12 months. Counsel includes one-on-one strategic consultation, as well as limited project work, with the intent of building the entrepreneur’s human capital understanding in a limited resource market.

HR pros will select one company every six (6) months from a business and incubation groups such as: Innovacorp, Entrepreneurs’ Forum, BioNova, Volta, or others.

Criteria for selection:

The following are mandatory criteria:

• Incorporated in Nova Scotia
• Incorporated for less than five (5) years
• Either has one or more employees or there is the intent to hire one or more Nova Scotia employees within the next 12 months
• Potential to create more employment in Nova Scotia

HR pros will offer:

• 20 hours of one-on-one advisory consultation, or project work, in human resources management, safety or business acumen to be used, as needed, over a one year period.
• Services will be delivered by phone, email or in person.

To apply:

Interested applicants should complete and submit the attached application form to HR pros by 30 April and 1 October.

Startup Incubator HR support program 2015


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