Remembrance Day 2015


Wednesday, November 11 is Remembrance Day; an occasion to honour and remember Canada’s veterans.  This year the Royal Canadian Legion has chosen to recognize Canada’s Aboriginal Veterans and the significant contribution they have made.  To this end, the Royal Canadian Legion is issuing a commemorative Aboriginal inspired pin.

For a variety of reasons, Remembrance Day is important to HR pros; not least of which is the fact that Sylvain Allaire, Commander (Ret’d) Canadian Navy, served nearly 30 years!   Accordingly, staff attend a variety of events throughout HRM (including ceremonies at Point Pleasant Park, Sullivan’s Pond and at the cenotaph in Bedford) and we encourage our readers to do the same.

In Nova Scotia, Remembrance Day is legislated by the Department of Labour and Workforce Development and the Department of Justice.  The Remembrance Day Act requires all companies, except those companies which are specifically exempt, to close on Remembrance Day.  Section 4 of the Act provides the list of exempt companies.

It is worth noting that employees who do not work on Remembrance Day are not entitled to holiday pay.  If an employee does not work yet is paid it is because the employer has gratuitously offered to add Remembrance Day as a benefit.

For employees in exempt sectors and who are required to work on Remembrance Day, the employer will grant a holiday with pay at either the time of the employees’ annual vacation or at another time mutually agreed between the employee and the employer.  Further, the employer will observe three minutes of silence starting sharply at 11am.

For more information visit the Nova Scotia Government:  webpage:  Or if you would like to discuss your obligations, or implement a customized policy, please speak with either Sylvain Allaire at or Greg Cole at

Tanya Sieliakus, CHRP

VP Consulting Services

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