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Remembrance Day 2015

Wednesday, November 11 is Remembrance Day; an occasion to honour and remember Canada’s veterans.  This year the Royal Canadian Legion has chosen to recognize Canada’s Aboriginal Veterans and the significant contribution they have made.  To this end, the Royal Canadian Legion is issuing a commemorative Aboriginal inspired pin. For a variety of reasons, Remembrance Day […]

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There’s an election coming! Do you know your obligations?

The Harper government has called a federal government election for October 19, 2015. That gives businesses roughly 11 weeks to understand their electoral obligations. So what are employers’ obligations? By law, everyone who is eligible to vote must have three (3) consecutive hours to cast their vote on election day. If your hours of work […]

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100th Anniversary of the Meredith Principles

October 2013 marks the 100th birthday of the creation of the Meredith Principles.  The Meredith Principles were developed by an Ontario lawyer, politician and Judge Sir William Meredith.  Sir William Meredith laid the foundation for the system of Worker’s Compensation program in Canada. The historic purpose of the Meredith Principles, however, is the “idea that […]

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