PEI’s Zero Tolerance for Fall Protection Violations

Fall Protection in PEI is serious business. In July of last year the Workers’ Compensation Board launched its Zero Tolerance Campaign in an attempt to bring the seriousness of this area of workplace safety to the forefront of employers’ minds. The campaign was relaunched this May in a continued attempt to raise awareness of the potentially life-threatening consequences of not ensuring employees are properly protected if working at heights of 3m or greater.

Zero Tolerance means that fall protection is being enforced to the fullest extent of the law. Employers and/or employees not complying with the Act and Regulations may be issued orders, stop work orders, or prosecution under the OH&S Act with fines of up to $250,000.

WCB Occupational Health & Safety Officers have been inspecting PEI workplaces for fall protection and strictly enforcing the OH&S Act and Regulations. In 2012 these inspections resulted in charges and fines to three employers, two supervisors and nine workers. More than anything, this emphasized the seriousness of fall protection safety as well as the fact that both employers and employees have responsibilities under the Act.

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