Performance Appraisals: Helping to Ensure that Employees are Doing Their Best and Pulling in the Right Direction

The performance appraisal process is perhaps the most disliked and avoided HR Management task facing not only small business owners but even Top 100 corporations. This half day session will discuss the performance appraisal process to help ensure business owners understand why it is so important, how to properly support the process from the top-down, and to understand the various intricacies of an effective appraisal. This session will examine:

  • What is purpose of appraising performance?
  • What other Human Resource Management functions are tied to the performance appraisal process?
  • What are some of the problems and solutions in implementing an appraisal program?
  • How can you best design a performance appraisal system?
    • Sources and Methods
    • The Appraisal Interview
  • What are the specific roles and responsibilities in the performance appraisal process?
    • Supervisor
    • Employee
    • Owner
  • How is an effective performance appraisal meeting carried out?
  • Is performance management an annual occurrence? How can you incorporate and support a culture of “management by walking around” in your organization?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave this session able to:

  • Explain the purpose of performance appraisals and the other Human Resource Management functions that are tied to them;
  • Identify the problems and solutions that can occur in implementing an appraisal program and discuss these specifically as related to their own organization;
  • Describe the different sources and methods of carrying out a performance appraisal;
  • Explain the responsibilities of each of the roles involved in the performance appraisal;
  • Outline the characteristics of an effective performance appraisal meeting; and
  • Implement and support and culture of “management by walking around” in your organization.