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Helping Nova Scotia businesses thrive has been our mission since HR pros, a technical human resources consulting firm, launched in October 2008.  Focused on the task of helping small and medium sized business achieve success and growth through sound and effective HR management practices, HR pros offers a diverse range of human resources management services.Tanya  & Sylvain

Tanya, a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP), brings more than a decade of senior human resources management experience in a number of industries (including mining, manufacturing, sales, consulting, IT, contact centre) to the table.  Sylvain spent more than 25 years of his career as an officer in the Canadian Navy, achieving the rank of commander before moving on to obtain a Master’s degree in public administration and working in the civilian sector.  Sylvain’s systematic approach dovetails effectively with Tanya’s experience and intuitive style to create a powerful synergy. 

HR pros knows from experience that a comprehensive HR framework is a competitive advantage and positively impacts a business’ bottom line. HR pros also knows that 85% of Nova Scotia’s businesses are small businesses and small businesses cannot necessarily afford a full-time, fully qualified HR professional.  Hence, HR pros is here to help!

Unlike many human resources firms in the Halifax area, which specialize in personnel staffing or benefits, HR pros focuses instead on helping businesses establish a strategic and meaningful framework for managing human resources.  Without a clear human resources management framework employee motivation, morale and productivity suffer thereby negatively impacting the bottom line.  Perhaps worse yet, businesses can find themselves mired in Human Rights, OHS and Labour complaints and thereby irrevocably damaging their reputations.   

In the past nine months, HR pros has provided services to clients in the information technology, manufacturing, retail, construction, financial, food processing, headhunting, entertainment, and security industries.   We have assisted our clients and developed:

  • Recruitment & Selection Programming thereby improving retention;
  • Training and Orientation Programs thereby improving employee morale, productivity and retention;
  • Employee Policies thereby meeting legislative requirements and clarifying the employment relationship;
  • Wage Systems that are well-researched, competitive, and affordable;
  • Organizational Design and Job Descriptions thereby improving productivity, streamlining operations and reducing redundancy;
  • Performance Management Systems thereby setting clear expectations of performance and aligning all employees to the goals of the organization;
  • Occupational Health & Safety Programming (OHS) thereby improving employee morale and meeting legislative requirements;
  • Employee Reward, Engagement and Retention Strategies;
  • WCB analysis and return to work strategy thereby improving WCB claims and rates;
  • Corporate Diversity Programming thereby creating an environment of inclusion;
  • Assist clients with complaints made to government agencies including the Human Rights Commission;
  • For more information on how HR pros can help you grow your business, comply with legislation and develop an HR framework to meet your business’ mandate call today!

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