What are you doing for Small Business Week 2014?

Small Business – The Facts Small Business Week: October 19-25, 2014 Small businesses in Atlantic Canada play a significant part in our economy and each October we take a week to celebrate these organizations. The impact of small businesses may surprise many.  Canada has over 1.1 million businesses in operation, and just over 98% of them fall into the small business category (Industry Canada classifies a small business as any business with 99 or less employees)!  Small business continues to be cornerstone of our economy with about 139,000 new businesses created each year. That growth is a sure sign of the entrepreneurial tenacity of Canadians when you consider that StatsCan reports three out of every 10 new small businesses fail in the first year, only half are still in business after three years and only 25% make it nine years. HR pros has been working with small business clients since 2008 and as a small business ourselves we’ve always been excited when we can contribute to their success and growth. We’re looking forward to attending some of the local events being hosted throughout HRM during Small Business Week. If you’re interested in taking a few learning or networking opportunities we suggest you take a look at some of the following links for events in HRM: Greater Halifax Partnership Events Page Halifax Chamber of Commerce Events Page or, for a listing of events in your area across the country, try: BDC Small Business Week Events Page We hope you’ll take some time to attend the events and support your local small businesses!

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