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Eventbrite - Is The Union Lurking Outside Your Door:  Understanding Unions and Union Avoidance

Union Avoidance Is Not A By-Chance Outcome

Traditionally manufacturing, the trades, government and primary resources have been unionized, or have been hugely vulnerable to unionization. With the Great Recession of 2008-09 these sectors shrunk, forcing unions to target non-traditional industry sectors. The fact is that unions are for-profit organizations and with jeopardy to their traditional markets they are forced to seek out […]

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Employee Retention – It’s Not About The Money

A number of years ago I headed the HR department in a 900+ technical support centre.  As everyone knows contact and technical support centres typically have high employee turnover; anywhere from on average  75% annually to as high as 200% annually, and sometimes beyond!  Our turnover averaged 11% annually.  How did we do it? Fact […]

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Building Employee Performance

The following article by HR pros was published in MINGLE magazine. Building Employee Performance Marketing and sales go hand-in-hand but even the most creative marketing campaign won’t achieve its goals if employees are unsupported. It’s a week after the launch of your new marketing campaign, and you are pleased to notice that your store has […]

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