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As mentioned in a previous post, there are several good and free templates available online to help you build a solid business plan.  If you are a new entrepreneur and are starting from scratch, several sections, especially the key “personnel section”, may appear a little challenging to complete. 

The first step in addressing the key personnel section should be to map an organisational chart (org chart) of the new business.  An org chart is a diagram that shows the structure of the business and the relationships between its employees.  For example, a small retail store that is opened 80 hours per week may have the following org chart: 

 Example of an org chart


The next step in the process is to assign responsibilities to each of the positions in the organisation.  The assignment of duties in our sample retail store could resemble the following table:

Example of responsibilities assigned to jobs

From the assignment of positional duties we can build one of the most valuable and multi-purpose tools in effectively managing our human resources: job descriptions.   Not only do job descriptions identify the duties and required skills of the position, job descriptions help when recruiting, when performance managing employees, when succession planning, when planning training and development activities, etc, etc.  Further, job descriptions are an indispensable tool when planning your compensation strategy.

Not sure where to start?  The internet has some job description templates.  Short on time or expertise?  Call HR pros and we will help with this process and build your job descriptions.

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