New Human Resource Business Taking Away the Fear Factor

Halifax, NS (March 21, 2009) – There is a new business in town and they aren’t letting uncertain economic times scare them.

Sylvain Allaire and Tanya Sieliakus are Managing Partners of the new human resource consulting firm, HR pros Incorporated, based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are using their collective experience, skills and determination to operate their organization and help others do the same with strategic human resource practices that look at people as an investment, not a cost of doing business.

“I know this sounds counter-intuitive in a recession but, organizations should be investing in their workforce right now,” says Allaire, a former Commander of two Canadian warships, with over 30 years of leadership and management experience. “You must position yourself to be competitive, and an engaged workforce who understands the organization’s business goals can keep you competitive.”

His partner, Sieliakus agrees, “We know downsizing will continue, but we are here to take away the fear factor for both employees and employers. Organizations need to look at other ways to weather this economic downturn than simply laying off people.” Sieliakus is a Certified HR Professional, Diversity Trainer who has worked in a number of industries including IT, Mining, Manufacturing, Sales and Security.

“We, at HR pros, know that programs such as work-sharing, reduced work weeks, hiring freezes and other human resource strategies can help towards the bottom-line without losing valuable employees who may not be there for you to re-hire when the economy starts turning around,” she adds. “People may find it hard to believe but the Atlantic provinces are still going to see a labour shortage down the line. It is inevitable given our demographics and the out migration of our young professionals.”

HR pros, only in existence for less than a year, is busy attracting clients who don’t have deep enough pockets to run their own full-service human resource department but still need solid HR expertise and advice to manage their employees effectively and in a way that maintains focus on the overall bottom-line and results.

“Our research shows that 92% of all businesses in Nova Scotia are small businesses with fewer than 50 employees and businesses with fewer than 20 employees represent 85.5% of registered companies in Nova Scotia,” explains Allaire. HR pros plan to go after and support organizations who are just like them – those who want to be successful, who want to stay in Atlantic Canada and who are willing to work hard and work smarter to achieve their vision and goals. “Atlantic Canadians know we are resource rich but too often we use these resources to benefit those living outside our region. One of our greatest resources is our people and we need them to make Atlantic Canada competitive in this current environment,” says Allaire.

Sieliakus is confident in the future of HR pros. “As human resource professionals who understand the Atlantic Canada workforce, our various labour laws and practices, and the nuances between operating in rural communities versus city centres, such as Halifax, we think HR pros has a business model that will be successful,” she says.

To toast their new business, HR pros will be joined by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce in hosting a reception for clients, allied professionals, prospective clients and fellow members. It will be held at the Halifax Club this Thursday, March 26th, 4:30pm – 7:30pm. Media are welcome.

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