Succession Planning: Ensuring Your Organization’s Future Success

Succession planning involves the sometimes daunting task of looking ahead into the future and forecasting not only where you want your organization to be, but what employees will stick around for the journey and what additional employees will you have to source from the outside world? For those who are going to stick around, do they have the necessary skill sets to take on growing or changing roles? Do they even want to? This half day session will look at these types of questions from the perspective of the business owner in order to help anticipate what future needs may look like and to better understand how to ensure staffing level strategies are proactive and successful. This session will examine:

  • How do you forecast personnel needs?
  • What other Human Resource Management functions are tied to the succession planning process?
  • How do you forecast the supply of internal and external candidates to meet those needs?
  • What is involved in matching individual and organizational needs?
  • How do you best identify career opportunities and requirements?
  • How are performance appraisals connected to gauging employee potential?
  • To what extent should diversity management play a role in succession planning?
  • What is involved in a career development program and how can it benefit your organization?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave this session able to:

  • Describe the importance and process to forecast personnel needs for their business;
  • Understand the link between succession planning and other Human Resource Management functions;
  • Differentiate between internal and external availability of candidates for future personnel needs;
  • Match their employees needs to their business’s needs;
  • Identify career opportunities and requirements for their employees;
  • Explain how to utilize performance appraisals to gauge employees’ long term potential;
  • Understand the important role of diversity management in succession planning; and
  • Explain the benefits of a successful career development program to their business.