The Strategic Role of Human Resource Management: What is it and Why do I Care?

This half day session will introduce participants to human resource management and examine why organizations of any size need to be aware of the strategic role HR can play in the overall success of the business. This session will examine:

  • What is Human Resource Management?
  • Why is HR Management important to anyone who supervises even one employee?
  • What HR Management responsibilities are there and who do they belong to?
  • How is the environment of HR Management changing and how do these changes impact your business and approach to HR Management?
    • Going global
    • New technologies
    • Managing change
    • Developing my employees
    • Responding to the market
    • Workforce diversity
  • How should your HR resource partner with your supervisors or operations team?
  • What competencies should you look for in your HR resource?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave this session able to:

  • Explain what HR Management is and why it is a critical part of their organization’s long term success;
  • Identify how to be delegate out HR Management responsibilities, or if the organizational need requires an HR professional as part of the team;
  • Describe the impact of various environmental factor on their business and how effective HR Management can effectively optimize these for organizational growth; and
  • Provide examples of the competencies required in an HR resource.