Job Analysis and the Job Description: The Starting Point of Everything HR

This half day session will introduce participants to the concept of what a job analysis is and why it is a critical first step to conduct in any business. This session will also cover job descriptions and participants are encouraged to bring any existing job descriptions they currently have to use as part of the session. This session will examine:

  • What is a job analysis?
  • What other Human Resource Management functions are tied to the job analysis?
  • How can you gather job analysis information most effectively?
  • What problems or challenges should you expect in carrying out a job analysis?
  • Once you have the job analysis completed, what then?
  • How can you use the job analysis to create job descriptions?
  • What information must you include in a job description?
  • How do job specifications fit into job descriptions?
  • What are the overall benefits you can expect from having job descriptions?

Learning Outcomes: Participants will leave this session able to:

  • Plan for and/or avoid many of the common challenges associated with carrying out job descriptions;
  • Understand and explain to their staff why job descriptions are critical for businesses of any size to have and keep current;
  • Review their existing job descriptions in order to determine any deficiencies in content or timeliness; and
  • Support their staff in the creation of a positive understanding of team roles and responsibilities across the organization.