Diversity Workshop

Tanya Sieliakus, CHRP, Certified Diversity Trainer
Tanya Sieliakus, CHRP, Certified Diversity Trainer

A unique workshop is returning to Halifax!

A Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

Does your organisation want to benefit from the changes that are taking place in the workforce?  Then you must attend a one-of-a-kind and dynamic workshop delivered by an expert in the field.   Tanya has facilitated diversity workshops in five countries and has trained over 1000 participants.  She will deliver this unique workshop on 21 May 2013 in Burnside.

If you are a business leader or a professional who wants to:

 ► improve your ability to attract and retain employees;

 ► improve your team dynamics and team’s effectiveness;

 ► improve employee relations;  and

 ► positively impact the bottom line, then this workshop is for you!

 This workshop will:

  • Demonstrate the importance of diversity and inclusion;
  • Develop common definitions around diversity and culture;
  • Demonstrate how perception and stereotypes impact personal effectiveness;
  • Demonstrate how values,communication styles and non-verbal behaviours can create misunderstanding and conflicts across differences; and
  • Teach the tools required for achieving greater effectiveness across differences.

This will be a full day event for a limited number of participants.  Don’t be disappointed and register early!


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