Debunking the Millennial Myth

Let’s debunk the myth right now. Gen Y (or the Millennials) don’t have a sense of entitlement. What they do have is a voice and a sense that there is choice and they expect to be able to exercise both. If businesses have long been dictatorships then Millennials are pushing for democracy in the workplace. They are seeking clearer lines of accountability and an environment wherein they can accomplish decision-making and execution more hastily, and with less bureaucracy. They are after all the IT generation and used to instant gratification; patience is not necessarily one of their strong suits. In light of the exodus of baby boomers from the workplace, and the prevalence of Gen Y employees, perhaps it is time for business to start shedding layers of management and/or inflated titles and instead rely more on well-heeled supervisors. Looking to streamline your organization, build a strong supervisory capacity and create accountability and efficiencies? Contact Sylvain at 902.877.18887 or
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