DRUM!POWER – A Logical Evolution


DRUM! the performance, represents the musical heartbeat of Nova Scotia.  Conceived and created in 1999 DRUM! is a spectacular production of musicians, dancers, drummers and singers from four principal cultures – Aboriginal, Black, Celtic and Acadian.  It is a heart-pumping fusion of rhythm, music, dance, poetry, video and song.  The DRUM! message – we can hold onto who we are and still share a song, a stage, a country and a world! 


DRUM!POWER is the logical evolution of DRUM!


In 2008, Brookes Diamond envisioned DRUM!POWER.  His thoughts were that the principles driving DRUM! were as applicable to the corporate world as to the stage.  In December 2008, HR pros was hired as curriculum and content advisors to create a unique and innovative corporate learning experience.


DRUM!POWER focuses on Nova Scotia’s founding cultures: Aboriginal, Acadian, Black and Celtic. Four facilitators, one from each culture, share with corporate participants their culture, what their culture means to them, their percussion and the relevance of their percussion to their culture.   


DRUM!POWER is interactive. 


While teaching corporate participants a basic rhythm on their percussion, facilitators are able to address the most prominent concerns and considerations of corporate North American.  The result is a uniquely uplifting and unifying learning experience. 


Corporate program topics include:


DRUM!POWER – Building Personal Effectiveness

DRUM!POWER – A Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion

DRUM!POWER – Creating Leadership Capacity

DRUM!POWER – Building Creative and Effective Teams


To book DRUM!POWER contact either www.hr-pros.ca or www.limelightgroup.com


To learn more about DRUM! visit www.drumshow.ca

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