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100th Anniversary of the Meredith Principles

October 2013 marks the 100th birthday of the creation of the Meredith Principles.  The Meredith Principles were developed by an Ontario lawyer, politician and Judge Sir William Meredith.  Sir William Meredith laid the foundation for the system of Worker’s Compensation program in Canada. The historic purpose of the Meredith Principles, however, is the “idea that […]

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Small Business Human Resources Issues: Communication VS Human Resources Issues

At HR pros, our Human Resources experts are privy to many companies’ issues, and across multiple industries.  Although companies vary in products or services and business strategies, there are 6 topics, covered in this six-part series, that we see time and again as potential if not major pain points for small businesses.  Communication versus Human […]

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HR Quick Tip – Fire Safety

The annual cost of fire (not including forest fires) in Canada is approximately $6 billion or 1.25% of the GDP;  of which $2.5 billion is fire losses and $3.5 billion is the cost of fire protection.  15% of all property fires occur in the workplace.  Approximately 600 persons die in fires every year, with many […]

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